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Once again, there were several good ones to choose from! This one really made me giggle, though.

Winning search term used to find me #4…

“drink from a shoe”

Well…this could have been someone looking for a new drinking game I suppose.


Once again I had several great terms to choose from for this week’s “most outrageous search term used to find me.”

Winning Search Term #2 (week of Oct 24):

“who was the munchkin that hung himself”


I do refer to my kids as the minions or the munchkins, but I assure you that neither has been hanged. They are well, and I can only hope the person who searched for this and found me here was actually just a misguided Wizard of Oz fan.

I have become obsessed with checking the search terms people have used to find me. There are enough head-scratchers and phrases that scare me that i have decided to choose a winner each week.

Winning Search Term #1 (week of Oct 17):

“butt with a bandaid on it”

I just hope this person wasn’t looking for photos…