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Once again, there were several good ones to choose from! This one really made me giggle, though.

Winning search term used to find me #4…

“drink from a shoe”

Well…this could have been someone looking for a new drinking game I suppose.


Checking the search terms that somehow lead people to me is always fun, and this week was no different.

The winning search term for this week (beginning Oct. 31) is….

drumroll please…

“tranduction sankyoo”

Um…WTH??? I’m not sure I even have a guess at what this person was looking for! Unless…the post that included “sankyoo” was a rant about the great Engrish-Speaking customer service reps I encountered on an AT&T support call. I wonder if this person found me and is plotting revenge…

If my phone suddenly goes nuts and gives you a “this person is unavailable due to pissing off AT&T” message, you’ll know to be careful when griping about their service…

Once again I had several great terms to choose from for this week’s “most outrageous search term used to find me.”

Winning Search Term #2 (week of Oct 24):

“who was the munchkin that hung himself”


I do refer to my kids as the minions or the munchkins, but I assure you that neither has been hanged. They are well, and I can only hope the person who searched for this and found me here was actually just a misguided Wizard of Oz fan.