Who am I? I are me.

Well…I guess it’s been a few months and almost a hundred posts, so time to finally make some semblance of an About Me page?

Yeah, probably so…

Ok, so my name is Tori (and Mommy, Mom, TJ, and about a dozen others) and I live in the middle of freakin‘ nowhere in West Texas. I affectionately call it the Back 40 of Hell’s Half Acre. The house is over a century old, and belonged to a famous cattleman. Good stuff.

I grew up in a small Texas town, and country stuff wasn’t too foreign to me, but I have learned that living on a ranch 45 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart is a whole new level of country. Many days I miss the college town I terrorized for 5 years, Lubbock where I lived for a couple years, and even the “small” hometown I swore I would love seeing in the rearview.

I have been a news reporter (most recently and for the longest), bartender, EMT, volunteer firefighter (going on 10 years now) emergency dispatcher, cell phone salesperson, used car salesperson, athletic trainer, waitress, and movie store clerk. For years I have dabbled in photography and writing…and have found my niche in blogging, freelance article writing, and random odd photography jobs. Right now I am with the Caprock Courier…and I love it. My boss is better known as Kick Ass Boss.

My kids are the Minions…the tallish one is 8 going on 18 and the shortish one is a 5 year-old force of nature in a Batman suit. They provide many interesting blog topics and lots of sweet (and sticky) kisses.

The F-Stop Menagerie (F-Stop is the name of the ranch we live on) currently includes a loyal cowdog, a not-all-there (but sweet) coyote mix, and a husky mix who’s bad-ass when he’s not barking at his own reflection. We have a few kitties and some other critters. I really, REALLY want to add a pair of Sugar Gliders and a bird to the mix.

There are also a few deer, some cows, a red-headed woodpecker, several painted buntings, and one elusive armadillo that visits every few weeks.

Hmmmm…what did I forget?

I listen to anything and everything. I have to have a soundtrack going ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I drive those must-have-quiet people up a wall…happily.

I read. A lot.

I am addicted to Facebook and learning (ahem…I am completely freakin’ LOST) Twitter… I am @penhappyhippie.

I am usually an eBay seller, but currently boycotting that evil spawn of Satan’s site…

I can shoot a pistol and hit the broad side of a barn….although we do have a big barn…

My house is NEVER clean enough no matter how hard I try…I HATE that.

And….I tend to ramble on and on about things until even I lose sight of my original point.



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