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It is sometimes almost scary to be in here, and at the very least it is often quite confusing. I tend to run on several channels at once, with interference from each one creating an undertone of distracting noise on the others.

I figured I might be able to record a sample of my typical thought train and see how it looked in writing.

Ok…yes, I am bored and couldn’t think of anything brilliant to write about for the moment, so I am writing a post about nothing in particular.

I was sitting on the front steps earlier watching my son play in his sandbox with his favorite cat and found myself contemplating the energy drink in my hands. It bragged: non-carbonated, all-natural, guaranteed to quench even the “most intense thirst.”

I found myself thinking about thirst-quenching drinks and wondering why some work better than others. Tea and water, for example, work everytime…if the tea is unsweetened. Add sugar and it seems to detract from the tea’s thirst-quenching abilities. Sugary lemonade, though, can work great. So it really doesn’t make sense, since apparently the presence of sugar doesn’t really have an effect on thirst-quenching success.

That got me on a tangent of why non-carbonated beverages work so much better than carbonated ones…since you would think bubbles wouldn’t really make that much of a difference. I second-guessed myself on that one when I remembered the “crisp, clean taste of Sprite” which is carbonated, sugary as hell, and kills thirst as well as any tea or lemonade…if it’s cold. The cold vs. warm debate was not one I wanted to get into with myself, so I ignored that thought.

Speaking of thirst, I wondered…is that what it is like to be a vampire? The most thirsty you can get, where only tea or water will work, seems to burn in the back of your throat. If that is how a vampire feels, then I truly feel sorry for them. It would be horrible to not be able to turn to a huge glass of iced tea…

Furthermore, how can blood quench a thirst? It’s hot and sticky and I can’t imagine that would be a good feeling on the back of a parched throat. Would chilled blood work better? And would it somehow not be as good if they drank it from a cup with a straw? Somehow that just seems more civilized and less messy. Preferably a cup that is not clear… A lid would also be good, bloodstains suck to get out of carpet.

In Twilight, Bella drank her blood from a cup when she was pregnant with the half-vampire child. Wouldn’t that be impossible? A vampire is essentially dead…wouldn’t the sperm be well past swimming and fertilizing??

Anyway…those books (Twilight series) were so much better than the movies, even though the movies were entertaining. I liked the cast they chose for everyone except Rosalie…for some reason I didn’t think the actress was pretty enough to live up to the books’ descriptions of “the most beautiful creature anyone had ever seen.” I mean, the movie Rosalie had black eyebrows and white-blonde hair. That isn’t all that attractive on any creature. That’s just me though…I’m not really into tall blonde chicks, hehee.

Speaking of books, movies, and vampires…

Why can’t they make movies of the Anita Blake (Laurell K. Hamilton) series? Those were a hell of a lot more entertaining and imaginative than Twilight…and wouldn’t have sparked an entire nations disbelief in a sparkly vampire. Hamilton’s vampires were just as sexy as Edward Cullen any day…but they didn’t sparkle. They were too cool for that.

I liked that the were-animals in the Blake series were far more diverse than a few small-town werewolves. There are gun-toting wererats and stripper wereleopards…so much cooler!

No, I actually don’t read only about vampires…I read all kinds of things. I like crime thriller type books, and am a fan of Iris Johansen and Sandra Brown. Some of Stephen King’s stories are okay, but a little over-rated. Except Christine. Christine was probably one of my favorite books of all time. I loved that mean, jealous, bitchy car!

The movie was ok…not great. I am not usually thrilled with remakes, but that one would be a good one for the “movie people” to make a newer version of. They would have to keep the make and model of the car though…she just wouldn’t look right as a shiny new Chevy or something.

Too bad they’ve really run out of ideas for good movies. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen more than a handful of really good movies. They are all tedious and boring now. A few have been ok. The Ugly Truth was a little cheesy, but fun. How Do You Know turned out to be really good. Of course, I love Jack Nicholson…you cannot beat his sarcastic charm.

Did Robert Duvall die? I always liked him, too…he was (is?) an awesome actor. I loved his character in Lonesome Dove. I still cry everytime Gus dies. He was also pretty good in Days of Thunder.

Tom Cruise was so much better back then…when he wasn’t afraid to “act outside the proverbial box.” Interview with the Vampire…he made a great Lestat. I wonder if he is still into the whole Scientology thing, and how they felt this weekend when the world didn’t end? Were they one of the groups that were expecting us all to get snatched up out of our shoes Saturday?

Someone made a joke that the Rapture didn’t happen because God and Jesus decided it wasn’t worth the price of gas to come down at this time… I thought that was freaking hilarious, some people didn’t see the humor. I was one of the ones in favor of buying a bunch of blow-up dolls, filling them with helium, and releasing them at 6 o’clock Saturday evening to watch people freak out. I’m not exactly politically correct though.

I wish the wind would stop blowing…my daughter has been wanting to get out her slip n slide. Lately though, it would turn into a mudbath that I really don’t want to clean up. Not to mention, poor Dylan would blow away if he were on a slippery surface.

Cheyenne’s program at school is tomorrow morning, then they are going to spend a couple of days with Grandma. YAY!!! Peace and quiet!!

Maybe I will get some more done those two days…I really need to write some stuff for something other than this. Even though this is my favorite project. I also need to clean up the house. I have dishes in the dishwasher that need put away, and I have laundry that needs folded.

Those are my two biggest pet peeves…putting up clean clothes and dishes. I have no idea why, but I don’t mind washing either, but putting them away is annoying. My clothes stay in a pile most of the time until they get worn. This bugs the crap out of me sometimes, and other times I think, “who really gives a rat’s ass if they are in the closet or a basket anyway?”

I guess I answered my own question…sometimes I give a rat’s ass. Life would be so much less stressful if I could just let go of the notion that they needed to be put away neatly and let them sit in their basket. Then I wouldn’t have to put them away, but I also wouldn’t have to feel guilty because I haven’t yet.

Okay, that was over 1200 words on absolutely nothing at all, and I have better things to do. Hope you enjoyed the ride on that thought train!


There are plenty of “best movie” lists out there. This one isn’t a list of the best, or the worst, or anything else that makes sense. It’s just MY list…which of course makes it perfectly important.
Casablanca. Just kidding, I actually hated that one…but for some reason it is almost always in a list like this. Thought there might be a blog-cop out there who will boot your list off the internet if your best-movies lists don’t have Casablanca on them. I also have another admission…I don’t like John Wayne *gasp* so you won’t find his movies on here, either. Also not on my list of favorites…Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gone with the Wind, and Beaches.
Steel Magnolias. This is one chick flick that I am fully supportive of. Any movie where you can combine Southern charm and propriety with a line such as “There’s nothin’ like a good piece of ass” cannot be wrong.
Pulp Fiction. It amuses me that most people watch this movie for about twenty minutes and give up on it out of complete and total confusion. It does take a modicum of intelligence to follow, and more to appreciate…but if you understand the subtleties, it is hilarious. Need more convincing? Ok…Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Ving Rhames, Uma Thurman…
Full Metal Jacket. Yeah, I am a girl, and I love this movie.
Pretty Woman. She’s a dirt-poor hooker with a safety-pin holding her boot up. He’s a bajillionaire with a penthouse. They get to live happily ever after. What’s not to like?
Dogma. This one is not for the faint of heart, or the easily offended…first of all it has Jay and Silent Bob. Secondly, Alanis Morrisette is cast as God. Chris Rock is the 13th Apostle who was left out of the Bible because of his skin color. George Carlin is a bishop…and there is a battle with a Shit-Demon. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are fallen angels trying to get back into Heaven via New Jersey. If you don’t offend easily, this one is HILARIOUS…if you do, you probably have read enough here to hate me. Sorry.
The Last Boy Scout. Bruce Willis is a smartass ex-cop who smokes too much, drinks too much, swears too much, and tells really bad jokes. Things blow up, bad guys have equally bad accents, and people get shot and/or beaten up every few minutes. It’s great!
Top Gun. I have been able to quote this entire movie since I was in Jr. High. In fact, I watched it just the other day on ION television and was pissed that they edited it enough to throw off my quoting rhythm.
Silence of the Lambs. It doesn’t even scare me anymore…but it does crack me up every time.
The Breakfast Club. Anyone who was EVER an awkward teenager can relate to this movie. It’s a classic! Everyone had a character that was “totally me!”
Dangerous Liaisons. Because everyone needs a pretentious pseudo drama full of bad accents in their list of great movies. …and John Malkovich makes any movie a must-see.
Point Break. Keanu trying to combine surfer and cop. Patrick almost nailing a great combination of charming and bad guy. Gary Busey in the endearingly down and out cop role that he’s so good at. Was…I guess. He’s not bad in celebrity rehab, either…quite convincing, haha.
Dazed and Confused. Never seen it??? “It’d be much cooler if you did.”
Basic Instinct. So, was she or wasn’t she an ice-pick killer???
Heathers. This dark and twisted comedy never fails to brighten my day. Christian Slater was a fun actor when he was younger, and makes a pretty good charming teen sociopath. Plus when the most annoying Heather drinks the drain cleaner I somehow think of all the “mean girls” in my own high school and think they all would have made great Heathers.
Fight Club. Ahahaha!!! A multiple personality in a power struggle with himself? I have always liked Edward Norton anyway, but this character is almost his best. It’s a toss-up between this psycho and the character he played in American History X (also a good one).
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. Cheesy, over-the-top, several really bad actors if you don’t count the main two…and a helicopter grand finale. Lots of bullets, not much blood, money, hookers, a bar, and drugs… I will always remember the advice that Don Johnson’s daddy used to give “before he left this shitty world.”
Nightmare on Elm Street. “One, Two…he’s after you.” Freddy is and always will be the scariest villain of all time.
Dirty Dancing. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” This movie will never lose its charm, no matter how cheesy and outdated it becomes. The kiss (when he lip-sings the words to the song) at the end of that movie is still the sexiest, most romantic scene ever to be filmed…
Boondock Saints. I have the prayer as a ringtone on my phone. Probably my favorite character of all time is Willem Defoe’s flamboyant cop.
Leaving Las Vegas. I can’t really explain it, but I have always liked Elisabeth Shue, and Nic Cage makes an absolutely unforgettable drunk. These two are screwed up in every single sense of the word, and somehow manage to make slowly dying seem sexy.
Benny & Joon. Johnny Depp climbs trees and makes grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron. He was also “won” in a poker game. Additional entertainment is Mary Stuart Masterson in her helmet and snorkel…
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Viggo Mortensen. Orlando Bloom. …plus, I am kind of a nerd, I just fall short of loving Star Wars.
Pirates of the Carribean. Johnny Depp is always a good choice, and as the best/worst pirate ever to wear too much eyeliner, he is absolutely delightful.
Die Hard. Yippie Ki-yay, M*ther F*cker (for some reason, people think if you put the asterisk in the middle of the curse word, it is more socially acceptable to type “fuck”…so there ya go).
I will probably continue to think of movies that “I should have listed” for months, now. I also feel like a complete sell-out for putting something as mainstream as a favorite movies list on my blog. Oh well. I entertained myself for half an hour, if nothing else.
Btw, if you haven’t seen the Tourist…I would recommend it.