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Since I’m already on the subject of music…

I am one of those people that has to have a soundtrack going at all times. I can sleep with music on, I drive with it going…and I cannot write one damn word without my soundtrack.

The genre of the soundtrack tends to ebb and flow with my mood. If you approach my house or car and hear heavy metal before you reach the door, proceed with caution. Classic rock is always indicative of a good mood. Country…well, I am not usually a huge country fan, but it’s growing on me. Y’know, since I moved out here to the sticks and all.

Country is the ONLY kind of music you can pick up down here on any radio. You must have CD’s or Sat Radio for any kind of variety. Therefore I now know the lyrics to more country songs than I think I did in the previous ten years combined.

Country is a good soundtrack for a mood somewhere between mellow and depressed.

I mean, come on…Lefty died, Dolly’s Romeo turned out to be Billy Ray, Johnny sang the blues from prison, no one knows if anyone fed Jake, a whole bunch of people evidently drank themselves to death, Bubba cried and shot a jukebox, Taylor pines away for the boy next door, Fancy had to be a hooker, Cheyenne’s beaches are haunted, and the lights went out in Georgia.

Not exactly a happy genre.

Granted, there are some dark rock songs out there too. I tend to like those for some reason, and I truly believe it is for the melody and beat, and not because I am a dark and twisted person. At least, not entirely…heehee.

I’m not dark, I’m evil! 😉

Hmmm…off-hand some of my favorite songs are…

Come As You Are.   Nirvana. Enough said.

Tuesday’s Gone.    See, not too dark!

Renegade.    by Styx…I actually am wondering how many people who read this will know this one.

Bohemian Rhapsody.   Ha! You just can’t beat it, this one makes me smile.

Cocaine. Haha, This one always makes me smile, too.

Simple Man.    Simple song, awesome song.

Secret of the Bottle.    Yeah, I know it’s weird, but I love Jackyl

November Rain.    Or almost any old GnR song.

.45.    A great song by Shinedown. Haunting.

Carry on Wayward Son.   Supernatural has almost as good a soundtrack as me!

Don’t Fear the Reaper.  Same as above.

Mary Jane’s Last Dance.  Love, love, love it!

Back in Black.  AC/DC another that needs no explanation.

Keep the Faith.  You can’t go wrong with pre-1999 Bon Jovi

Paint it Black.  Love Keith.

Okay, okay….I guess my taste in music is a little dark. But at least it sounds good. Rock is a feel-good sound no matter what the lyrics are.

Besides, there is something else to consider: in rock, they scream their angst…in country, they whine to a beat.

I know I have only forgotten about a hundred awesome songs. Help me out in the comments! 🙂