Road Construction by Sybil

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Random Crap
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I just love road construction, don’t you? It’s right up there with pulling teeth…

Don’t go to Lubbock, Texas and expect to come out unscathed, traumatized, or with a much higher insurance deductible…

No kidding...

They’ve apparently turned the planning of the city layout over to a committee of the most vocal at the nearest psychiatric institute. And the road signs are now in the hands of three drunk transients who can spend all night moving road cones and other orange contraptions to random places…

I think an aerial photograph of Lubbock would currently reveal thousands of orange dots in the shape of a giant hand with the middle finger raised.

I kept expecting to see something like this...


Planview is no better. The main highway running through town has been halfway diminished to two scary little lanes for the better part of 2012…that wasn’t good enough though. Now they’ve taken out the rest of the way through town.

Unless you have a death wish, just go buy everything at your nearest convenience store, cut your own hair, and forget about anything in any of the shops on the South side of the main road there. I’m pretty sure most of them have gone out of business by now…they were all woefully abandoned when I took my last trip through Plainview for this year.

And for those brave souls around here who can’t live without Wal-Mart…email me, I know a super-secret back way to get there. 😉



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