The books will travel…yes, they will.

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Photo Challenge
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I have officially wasted a few hours of my life now, in complete and total awe at the genius found here…

In short, this genius took a thousand blank journals and sent them out into the world with brief instructions to fill in a page and pass it on. That’s it. When the journal is full, there is contact information to send it back “home.”

Journals were left in coffeehouses, on bus seats, handed to strangers…

The website/blog has scans of finished pages, information on where some of the journals are, and some other cool things.

I am now obsessed!!

My brain has been in overdrive since I stumbled upon this, and I can’t not do my own version of this.

My tentative plan is this…

I’ll get 5 or 10 journals and blatantly copy the idea for the instructions in the front cover.  (credit for the idea goes to the 1000 Journals…but she did note that people are welcome to start their own versions of the project which is AWESOME of her) 

I’m keeping the basic directions to just pass it on, but with a twist. Just a little one. 😉

See, I don’t want to wish and hope these things get somewhere and someday come home. I want to follow them…and I want the people who have contributed to be able to follow them too.

Therefore…I am giving each journal a name, not a number. Each one will have a map somewhere on this blog, and the instructions will be to not only add a page and pass it on…but to please, please, please, PLEASE drop me a comment or email to let me know the book passed through.

Everytime someone gives me an update, I will add it to the map.  

I will also scan the pages and share them when the books come home, or anytime someone wants to send them back to be shared. If you don’t have someone to pass them on to, send them back and I’ll scan and send it on in another direction!

Also welcome will be pictures of the books as they travel!!! That would be great!

Ok…so that is my tentative idea…as you can see, it’s a work in progress and I am adding things about as fast as I’m typing this. If anyone has ideas, suggestions, advice, warnings, let me know!

If anyone wants to contribute a page, let me know…I’ll be needing people to get these started!! 🙂


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