Lots of people have asked me where I got the rant about restaurants and other places moving towards banning kids.

I read several before I got mad enough to come on here to suggest a ban on creepy uncles and generally vent about people who cannot handle the fact that there might be kids in public places…but here are a couple of the articles that sent me into my self-righteous Momma-is-Mad tailspin.

The No-Kids-Allowed Movement is Spreading

Stop Discriminating Against My Kid!

Restaurant Bans on Kids

BTW, I do think that people should teach their kids some manners and actually watch them in public…even I get a little upset at the never-been-disciplined kids who are released into the wild of a Wal-Mart to fend for themselves and crawl under bathroom stalls.

However, I have seen adults do the same (sadly that is completely true), and they’re all still free to roam the grocery store commenting on the tampons in your cart and running you down with their own…

I also don’t take my kids to a nice restaurant on a Saturday night or an R-Rated movie anytime. Most parents actually do show some discretion…heathens that we are šŸ˜‰

How does everyone else feel? Am I the only one who would have a hissy fit if I got kicked out of a grocery store or fast-food joint for having a child with me on a random Tuesday afternoon?

  1. My feelings on this are mixed.

    Yes, I do feel some places should have firm “Kid free” rules. I honeymooned at a couples-only resort. This rule did not bother me because A) I wanted a quiet places without kids kicking sand on me and B) just down the road was the family resort so there were alternatives.

    I dined out with my husband one night, the kids home with a babysitter (a rare treat). We were some place fancy, and I found myself staring at the family next to us with an under-five-month old. I have kids, but I would never bring mine to such a place.

    Luckily the child was on pretty good behavior.

    Now, banning kids from vital places such as grocery stores…. that’s ridiculous in my opinion. People don’t go to stores to relax or have romance. They go for necessities. Plus, families are the ones who spend the money there – those who are single can still dine out easily enough and if they shop, it is just for one. I think banning children from grocery stores would be bad for the bottom line.

    Restaurants…. I try to stick to family friend ones.. i.e. those that are loud. Sometimes my children are angels. Sometimes… they aren’t. A lot of restaurants here have “kids eat free” or other specials specifically encouraging families to eat there on certain nights.

    I wouldn’t have much of an issue having restaurants “kid free” (for those under a certain age) after a certain point at night.. Like 9 PM. That doesn’t seem unreasonable, as long as it is well publicized.

    Alamo Drafthouse, a movie chain here, does not allow kids under six years old. Or cell phones during shows. Or talking. They will kick your butt out.

    EXCEPT… on “baby day”, i.e. Tues shows before 2 PM. Then you can bring your kids, and guess what, kids under six are free…..

    I can live with that. Totally.

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