Gooaffanoo Mizz Tree…Sankyoo Berrmash!

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Random Crap
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Just a statement to start this one off…

I DO NOT have a problem with outsourcing!!!

I am paid quite often for articles and blog entries by people who are outsourcing.

However…there is a very simple concept that employers should keep in mind when hiring someone to work for them.


That said, why in the hell to major, multi-million dollar companies find it necessary to outsource their call centers to people who cannot speak English in a recognizable manner?  ENGLISH, not Engrish.

This is not a racist rant. I don’t know or care what the race, religion, nationality, or hair color of the person on the other end of the line is. I really don’t. What I do care about is that I am calling for a purpose, and need to be able to understand the person who answers the customer support line.

When I dispatched, one of the requirements for my job was to have the ability to speak on the radio and 911 phones in clear, concise English. I had to be understandable to work there. It was just a fact that if I couldn’t make myself understood by the people I was communicating with, I didn’t have a job. Period.

Therefore it was quite frustrating to spend the first ten minutes (after holding for twenty, but that is another rant entirely) trying to figure out what the hell “Gooaffanoo Mizz Tree” meant.

Four tries later, I finally assumed that “Good afternoon, Miss Tori” was a logical translation. The next forty minutes were much more of the same. I gave the phone to the shortest Minion for 5 minutes and they seemed to understand each other quite well. Unfortunately I don’t have a translator on retainer for him, either.

Thanks AT&T…you just made the Top 10 on my Shit List.

…and I still don’t have a working phone.


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