Coming Soon: Mommy Point System

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Random Crap
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There is a project I’ve been working on. As a Mommy, I sometimes go to bed at night wondering if I succeeded that day in being a good parent.

If they are alive and healthy in their beds, was the day a success? Or is that the baseline of expectation, and I have only succeeded if they are in bed with full tummies, clean hair and sheets, full of the educational bedtime stories I have read, and without the TV on?

Therefore, I have been working on a points system much like that in Weight Watchers or something where there is a specific goal for those list-making, obsessively worrisome, perfectionist mommies out there like me. We can either attain a goal and go to bed at night happy and satisfied that we are raising future doctors and lawyers…..or I am giving us all something else to stress about.

We shall see….


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