Don’t Leave a Message at the Beep…

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Random Crap
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It has been months since I switched to AT&T. They’re a horrible cell phone carrier, but that is another story altogether. Anyway, I haven’t had voicemail since I went to the new service, much to my mom and husband’s great dismay.

Contrary to popular belief…of the previously mentioned busybodies (hehee)…the lack of a working voicemail account has nothing to do with inability to navigate the step-by-step automated set-up call. It does have everything to do with this… I don’t WANT a voicemail box. There are several reasons…which no one seems to either believe or listen to.

Am I alone in this? Does EVERYONE have voicemail and think it is as vital to life as breathing, sleeping, and Facebook??


  • I don’t check VM messages. They sit there for days, until the little icon on my screen begins to annoy me and I go through them, listening to the first 2.76 seconds of each recording (long enough to press 7 and delete it).
  • Since I don’t listen to them, when a message I am somewhat interested in comes along, I must listen to a half-dozen old messages to get to the one I want.
  • I have caller ID. If you call, I will notice the missed call and call you back. If you call and leave voicemail, I will notice the missed call and call you back. You are wasting your own time by leaving a message.
  • Texting is quicker, easier, and much less annoying than voicemail. In fact, texting is quicker, easier, and much less annoying than most phone calls. If you feel the need to contact me about something concise, please…text it. You are much more likely to be answered.

For the record…yes, I let the phone ring more often than not. There isn’t a list of logical reasons for this. I am sometimes somewhat anti-social, and answering the phone everytime it rings just goes against my nature. I will get back to you when I want to chat. Promise.

  1. MOM says:

    I saw that!! ;o)

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