F-Stop Menagerie

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Living on the Back 40, Random Crap
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I need to find someone who makes signs…someone who cuts them out of metal with the silhouettes of animals and other cool things, or maybe someone who can make a rustic wooden one. It needs to have “F-Stop Menagerie” on it, because if I rescue or adopt many more strays I’ll need to name the place as an animal shelter.

The loopy cowdog has made friends with, and brought home, a “greyote hound” who wiggled into our hearts, made a bed out of a lawn chair, and adopted us all. We call her Scamp (she scampers around like a puppy), and she looks like an interesting mix of some kind of cur, a greyhound, and a coyote. We aren’t sure where she came from, but she was someone’s abandoned or lost pet, she’s too tame not to be…

She is sweet to the cats, great with the kids, and doesn’t lick you in the face…all the requirements of setting up permanent residence out here. Any animal that is hostile to the kids or cats has to hit the road.

I have my eye on fish again…my daughter used to have a fishtank, and I love them. So we will probably venture back into that hobby again sometime soon. Anything but a beta…those depress me, in their tiny cage-like tanks with no company. They seem so lonely…

For brief moments, I think about getting a hamster again, that was fun…until he became a cage-escaping expert. There were no cages that Wal-Mart, K-Mart, PetSmart, or any other ‘Mart offered that could keep Rascal contained. He once chewed right through the wall of a plastic cage, and scaled a comforter to wake me up screaming in the middle of the night. He was a tough little guy…that night we tested the theory that hamsters might have the hidden ability to fly.

What I really want, though, is a ferret. I begged my parents for one, once upon a time, but I think it might have been too soon after the screaming hissy fit in the night with the wayward creeping hamster. That is one whim that I never really let go of, and it’s been brought back to the forefront of my mind by a quick video I saw on TV of a ferret stealing socks out of a dresser drawer. Hey, I already have sock gremlins that steal them on a regular basis…at least a klepto-ferret would be a more entertaining way to lose them.

My ultimate goal is to someday own a tiny giraffe (a la DirecTV commercials)…I’m pretty sure that science will create them one of these days. I want the tiny treadmill and the velvet pillow, too.

I really do need to start looking into that sign, though…


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