A Small Grammatical Rant

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Random Crap
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Am I the only one who is annoyed by people who frequently post things online, send emails, and etc. etc., without a clue how to type out a proper sentence?? I cannot open my web browser without having to read through dozens of bass-ackwards words, sentences that make no sense, and other things that I really thought was basic English.

I really don’t understand how “your” and “you’re” trip people up so badly…and thought that “their,” “there,” and “they’re” was fairly easy, too. Which reminds me to remind you…there is a difference between “to” and “too.”

I don’t mind typos, and I really am guilty of occasionally launching into a status update or comment that lacks capitalization and punctuation…but have we all really lost the basics?

  1. Zach Taylor says:

    Well if the people in question never understood the basics in the first place then what is there to lose? 😉

  2. sandra mort says:

    imma gunna tell you that i think ur bein unreasonable. theres no reason to except such hi standards!!! WRITE AWN!

    Oh, my goodness, spelling that badly takes serious effort 🙂

    Along the lines of your rant, I recently read an example of the importance of proper capitalization.

    There’s “he helped his Uncle Jack off the horse” versus no capital letters. OOPS!

    I followed you here from elance because I liked your profile, especially the part about the tiny helper in the playpen. My little helper is currently jumping up and down on my head, so I had to put away my current (not currant, though that sounds tasty) project.

    My friends Charlene & Becky were goofing around on skype. We all work on elance, too.

    Feel free to swing by and say hello! You can email me or look on elance or even go to our group blog where we’re just goofy 🙂 That’s http://chasankah.livejournal.com

    My apologies for the rambling. I haven’t slept in, um, long enough to have lost the math skills to figure out how long it’s been. Bah, sleep’s for the weak, right? But if you have a short helper dude, then I’m guessing (expecting, not excepting or accepting!) you know that already. I’ve got four short folks keeping me on my toes.

  3. sandra mort says:

    Plus I could use ad vice on how to get work done with a baby underfoot. I’m not so good at it!!!

    • Sparky says:

      Hi Sandra, thanks for the encouragement and the invite! It’s good to meet someone else from Elance (and someone that understands the trial of writing with “helpers”). I will definitely visit your (you’re, lol) blog, it sounds like great fun!

      As far as advice…I am not sure I have any, I keep finding a system that works for about a day. Then the little guy changes the rules on me 🙂

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