Can I sell a kidney?

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Random Crap
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Poor Bessie…

My husband’s truck is sitting outside a mechanic’s shop awaiting her fate. We’re not sure this time whether she’ll be able to get fixed or not. It’s sad, she’s a great truck with over 275,000 miles on her. Unfortunately the diagnosis this time requires a transmission transplant, and this paycheck-to-paycheck-livin’ family just can’t afford it.

This is a double blow, since it is my husband’s only way to travel from here to the city where he works…meaning that without me coming to get him, his “weekends” are probably going to be spent there. Normally he would be here for three or four days, then there, and so on and so forth.

Unfortunately, with Bessie sitting forlornly outside the shop, and my husband 45 miles away, I cannot make a quarter tank of gasoline stretch far enough to go get him for his weekend and get him back to work in a few days. Fixing Bessie, so that he can come and go, seems like a far-off fantasy goal…like winning the lottery. After all, I had to tell my four year old today that I couldn’t buy a bottle of tea that she wanted after school.

Tomorrow, I have to explain to her why dad isn’t coming home this week…


I apologize for the pity-party…I am usually much more upbeat, but sometimes you just have to bitch about life, right?


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