Loopiest Cow-Dog in Texas

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Living on the Back 40
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I have known and owned cow-dogs before, and have had friends with Blue and Red Heelers and Australian Shepherds. They are typically smart, trainable, and courageous dogs…all but one.

I happen to have the loopiest freaking cow-dog in Texas.

She barks at noises, at plastic bags flying by on the West Texas wind, and at a beetle that happened across her path one day.

When I drive up, especially after a long day away from home, she is happy to see the truck like any other dog would be. Most dogs bound out to meet the truck, maybe even run alongside it for a bit…not this one. She leaps off the porch, crashes and burns in a tumbling pile of fur and grass, makes two circles around the yard, then rushes to get in front of the truck and precede it into the driveway.

Her favorite game is cat-toss. She doesn’t use her mouth…she uses her snout, rooting under a cats belly until she gets under there, then tossing the cat out in front of her. She has some battle scars from trying this out on Racer the tomcat, but it hasn’t deterred her.

She eats cat food. Which works out well, most of the cats eat her dog food. Another quirk of the loopy cow-dog is an aversion to meats, especially if it isn’t cooked well. She will, however, eat vegetables and Chex mix. My favorite tomcat prefers cinnamon rolls.

Guess if a person insists on only adopting strays, she can’t be too picky about her quirky menagerie, huh?



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