Oooohhhh, the Horrors!!!

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Random Crap
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I am actually forcibly keeping myself away from the Wii. My Gamefly subscription has been great, but it finally reached the point of paying for itself today, with the arrival of Tetris.

I LOVE Tetris. However, if I allowed myself to pop in the disc and begin wasting the time…it would likely go right through my next few article submission deadlines. Which could be truly tragic, as I rely heavily on my perfect (as yet, here’s hoping to continue) feedback rating.

The obvious solution would be to allow myself twenty minutes of playtime, and then go back to work, right?

Ohhhhh, no. Not that easy, by far!

I would be an alcoholic with that one drink…it would quickly turn into two, then ten. Before I knew it, the falling blocks on my TV screen would represent the demise of a reputation…the end of a creative era…the death of a freelancing respectability.

Ha…me? Dramatic?


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