Enough coffee can make you see sounds…

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Munchkins, Minions, Hellions...
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I had to stop off here while I change channels. I have four freelance projects going on at once right now…which is the way I like it! However, one of them is very different from the others, and requires me to step out of my groove and think differently.

So, I decided to come in here and ramble a bit. Lucky you!

My poor son is sprouting another tooth, meaning he is a bit unpleasant between the hours of 8pm and 3am. By unpleasant I mean he wants to be held, but immediately wants down, he wants a drink which he promptly tosses on the floor, and he wants to run around and play, but his toys are generally just pissing him off. The only cure for this that I have found is hot chocolate and rocking in mommy’s lap watching The Nanny.



Anyway, I have said hello, and now I am going to go be productive for a few moments before saying sweet dreams to my keyboard.



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