Surviving a Teething Baby

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Munchkins, Minions, Hellions...
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Some random tips on teething infants. I pulled this out of the archives…figured some of the old stuff could be dusted off and put out there again.

A teething, cranky infant is not quite the picturesque domestic bliss you imagined when you turned the stick blue. However, it is a part of the package, usually following the months of no sleep, poopy diapers that send your husband running to the store with any little excuse (“Honey, don’t you need milk, or eggs, or tampons?!?!”), and endless comments of, “You look tired.”

These days will end, though, and there are a few tricks of the mommy-hood trade that might make them pass just a little faster. You might even come out with your sanity hanging by a thread.

Your pharmacy is your friend. Know it, love it, learn it. You should be able to walk down the aisle in your pj’s, right to the over-the-counter tooth and gum products. Better yet, send your husband, he’s probably needing a break from cowering in the corner. A tiny bottle of Ambesol is worth its weight in gold. Use a cotton swab to apply it to your baby’s sore gums…those two tiny, pearly white teeth you are so proud of can make short work of a cuticle.

Grandma was right. A teeny (tiny, minuscule) amount of bourbon applied to the gums can bring instant relief to the aching gums, and to your frayed nerves. Please don’t give your baby more than the drop you get when dipping a cotton swab into the liquor. I am not condoning getting your baby drunk. Although, once the baby is asleep, by all means, fix yourself a much-deserved drink.

Get ready for this one, it’s a little complicated. Dip a washcloth in cold water. Wring it out. Give it to the screeching little person to gum on.

I’m not a fan of medications that aren’t topical, like the gum gel, but you might find that some baby Tylenol helps. Please follow the guidelines and dosing instructions…this is a very tiny person you are medicating.

Give baby a cold, peeled carrot to gum on. Just make sure it is too big to fully fit inside his mouth.

Good luck, and remember, this won’t last even as long as the poopy diapers. It will, however, be much shorter than the teenage years you have looming on the distant horizon.


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