Posted: February 21, 2011 in Inside OCD

Oscar cannot stand that there are only 3 posts currently on this blog. It is undone, unfinished, incomplete…unacceptable.

Oh yeah…Oscar is the name I gave to the maddening little person inside my mind who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. With Oscar named and personified, there is no need to blame myself or feel bad about the “obsessions.” I can just curse Oscar and all his horrid meddling.

Or maybe I am crazy.

Oh well…it really doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Crazy or not, I am a highly entertaining individual.

If you have OCD, then you know that there are some minds that play a running soundtrack of random thoughts. These thoughts are on loop, like a CD on repeat, if you will. There is no off button, and there is no pause…and the tapes cannot be erased.

Once an OCD thought is…thunk (heehee), it remains there in the mind, playing on loop, FOREVER. Some sufferers can temporarily mute these tapes with “compulsions.”

Example. You cannot get the thought out of your mind that the carpet is dirty. So you vacuum. Later, though…the same thought will begin to torture you again. So you vacuum. And so goes the “tapes on loop” of an OCD mind.

Someday, I will write about it all in detail, as it is actually a fascinating topic. However, for now, this will at least give some people a little insight.

  1. Snailquake says:

    A lovely, simple description. I have this problem too, at least the OCD part.

    Whilst OCD is annoying as all hell, I like that it can be tapped for getting certain things done very thoroughly. So I quite like Oscar, for keeping you going with this blog for now…

    Looking forward to future posts.

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